Pros and Cons of CoolSculpting – Consult With an Expert

The medical technology is growing continuously. Many medical scientists engage themselves in various medical research technologies to give better treatment facilities to the patients and people. People try to use various treatment methods to burn their body fats but the most popular and widely used method to reduce body fats is coolsculpting. It is a non-surgical method of fat removal compared to other methods.

CoolSculpting medically known as Cryolipolysis is the procedure to burn down the fat without going for any surgery or anesthetic. According to skin care specialist’s coolsculpting is the safe method in reducing the calories and used by many people to burn down their body fat. But in the process of coolsculpting few side effects may occur. Generally, there are two types of side effects which occur after the treatment that are very much common and tolerable.

CoolSculpting – Consult With an Expert

CoolSculpting involves four stages to burn down the fat

  • Specific area gets cold where the treatment is applied.
  • The area where the body fat burns will experience a burning sensation.
  • The process involves slight aching.
  • Numbness

Common side effects

Patient may feel the side effects of coolsculpting when the treatment is over. This side effects are bearable and may be gone within a few hours. Some side effects may be over within a few minutes or can stay for few days. But most of the patients do not complain about these side effects as it doesn’t create any disturbances in their daily schedule.

Rare side effects

There may be some side effects which can be extreme and depends on the area where the treatment is carried out. Patients can feel the discomfort and pain if the treatment is done through large applicator in the lower abdomen area.

Though the procedure has some disadvantages it has following benefits:

  • People do not have to go to hospital for the treatment.
  • Patients can receive the treatment in short period of time.
  • People can start their daily works within few hours after the treatment services.
  • CoolSculpting method provides 40% of fat burn in the targeted area.
  • Treatment procedure is done in one sitting.
  • Time gap between first and second sitting is 30 days.

CoolSculpting side effects must be properly reviewed by the patients while going for the non surgical liposuction so that the treatment can be processed with comfort.


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